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SGS Promotion

People with 25 years experience in the advertising industry, SGS PROMOTION twelve years of partnership marketing, production and import areas. As a company operating in the field of advertising and promotional period in which we live aware of the need to do more effective work.

Printing Solutions

Printing workshop in line with the objectives of our company is formed in its structure implements the following techniques.Silk-screen printing: is stretched over a frame of wood or metal-woven fabric made ​​of silk or silk printing is a form of showing feature. Can print all kinds of flat surface of the material.
Pad printing: Press followed the pattern of the transfer of a metal plate on the clichés of the paint stripping and silicone oil mixture is done printing with a swab to be printed on the product. The product can print all kinds, regardless of surface shape.
Laser printing: especially metal, glass, leather products, such as laser light is reflected on the printing system. Color printing is the best method of application is made in terms of strength.
Hot Stamping: Metal clichés, heated leather, artificial leather and so on. made application to derivative products in calendar printing system.

Promotion Solutions

Your company branding, corporate identity, product promotion or retention in mind that the most important factor Promosyon'dur artırmaktaki. Television is used for the purpose of promotion, media and so on. Promotional products are followed. The intensive use of branded promotional products companies promotional 's show the importance of.

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